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An annuity is the receipt of a guaranteed regular income stream that contain both interest and return of principal. It is originally set up by exchanging a lump sum deposit with a financial institution in return for regular payments designed to last a lifetime or a certain term.

Several payment guarantee options are available to ensure the income continues to your spouse or designated beneficiaries in the event of your premature death. Payment guarantees can be added that ensure the annuitant always receives at least their deposit back. You can choose to index your annuity income by a fixed annual percentage increase to help guard against inflation. In addition, the prescribed tax option can allow for tax deferral on non-registered annuities.

Your particular income need will determine which solution is right for you. This simple lump sum investment is an attractive solution for those who:

  • Want the highest guaranteed income amount possible from their investment
  • Wish to help cover their essential expenses in retirement
  • Are concerned about outliving their savings
  • Wish to minimize tax on their investment income
  • Value security and peace of mind by avoiding market volatility and reducing the need for ongoing investment decisions

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