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Banking and Mortgage Products

Monteith Financial Group works with Manulife Bank to support your financial plan with banking products and services.

Manulife Bank of Canada is a Schedule I bank, wholly owned by Manulife Financial.

Manulife Bank has a wide array of banking products including chequing, savings, business accounts, mortgages, loans and investment savings. Learn how these banking products can improve your bottom line and provide flexibility in the day to day management of your cash flow.  Visit (www.manulifebank.ca)

A Few Of Our Favourite Accounts Are:

The Advantage Account

Advantage Account is a high-interest, full-access, chequing account that can be used by clients as their primary bank account or as a secondary investment account. This account combines the liquidity of a traditional chequing account with the interest of a high interest savings account, short-term GIC or money market fund. Advantage Account’s features and benefits are unrivalled in the marketplace.

The Business Advantage Account

Business Advantage Account (BAA) is a high-interest investment account designed as the ideal complement to a traditional operating account. This account can be used by a broad range of incorporated and unincorporated organizations such as small businesses, charitable organizations, associations, unions and clubs. BAA also works well as a trust account, providing security, accessibility and growth for money held in trust.

Account holders can simply transfer or deposit excess cash into their BAA, earn a high rate of interest and then easily access the cash again when they need it. This allows the excess cash to earn a high rate of interest without requiring the owner to manage T-bills or buy Money Market funds.

All-in-One Account

The all-in-one account is a revolutionary way to manage your personal finances. It is an all-in-one flexible account that combines your debt (mortgage, car loans, lines of credit) and income to help you save thousands in interest, simplify your finances and pay off your debts years earlier. Learn how this account can provide the flexibility you need and pay off your debts years earlier (www.manulifebankmortgages.com).  Talk to us about how we can incorporate this into your financial plan.



Advantage Account, Business Advantage Account, Manulife One are offered through Manulife Bank of Canada.  Manulife, Manulife Bank are trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it, and by its affiliates under license.

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