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Disability Insurance

You insure your car and your home but are you adequately insured for your most important asset? Your ability to earn an income. Simply speaking, a 40 year old earning $100,000 per year would generate $2,500,000 by the time they reach age 65. The fact is your health is your wealth.

Disability insurance will provide you with a tax free monthly income should you have to stop working due to injury or illness. It can help you meet your financial obligations so you can focus on getting well.

Some disability plans provide for a return of premium feature if you stay healthy and/or the ability to exchange your disability plan for a long term care policy with no medical evidence required.

If you are an owner/manager, an Income Loss Replacement Plan (ILRP) is a disability insurance protection program designed to provide you and your key executives with a higher level of cost efficient disability protection.

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, we can design an individual or a “top up” disability plan that will help protect you from the loss of income due to disability.

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