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We started working with Stephanie Piroli and her team at the end of 2017. They are personable, prompt, efficient and professional. We have confidence in Stephanie, her staff and Manulife, and that gives us peace of mind and security especially in these financially uncertain times (Covid-19 pandemic).

Their service is exceptional. During the Covid-19 crisis, we received a personal phone call from Stephanie regarding the market volatility and she provided us reassurance. We were quite relieved to be reminded of the cash wedge strategy set up last fall and how it would help protect our retirement income during these times. We were also invited to listen to an exclusive call with a Manulife market analyst, again providing reassurance.

Stephanie truly understands our specific needs and where we are in life. Our input has been taken into consideration every step of the way. My only request is to reduce the monthly paper mail, but we know Manulife is working on it.

Walter& Lee Ann H.

      We have been working with Priscilla Monteith for the past 9 months.  We have recently retired and we were very concerned about making good financial decisions going into retirement.

      What we like best about working with Priscilla, is that she is open and honest.  She talks to us in understandable language and answers all of our questions without making us feel like we are idiots.

      She guided us through a very comprehensive financial planning process.  We liked it.  We understood it and it provided us with some much needed clarity on our financial decisions.  She clarified the “unknown factor of “what can we afford to live on” and eliminated the fear factor for us.

      She completed a comprehensive review of our insurance policies and reviewed our estate planning with us.  This guided our decision making on what insurance policies to keep and which ones we could cancel to conserve our retirement cash flow.

Frederick & Diane H.


      I have enjoyed working with the team at Monteith Financial Group. My Financial Planner Stephanie is very efficient, positive, and an effective listener. I also appreciate the meeting notes she provides and the quick feedback when I have questions.

      Stephanie prepared a financial plan for me and it has been quite helpful to have a personalized plan based on my current situation as well as my future. Financial planning was not provided at my previous planner at a different company. Going through the financial planning process with Stephanie has been a positive and valuable experience and I appreciate the detail.

      I have been put at ease knowing that Stephanie and her team follow up on everything discussed right from the beginning of working with them. I have also enjoyed the broad reach of tools, such as insurance and banking, along with the investment management and financial planning services.

      Overall I have really valued the great advice provided to me.

Michael S


      Priscilla has been my financial advisor for the past 21 years. I appreciate her sincerity and dedicated hard work. Priscilla and her staff cover all the bases and I feel like I am always looked after. I can’t think of anything more she could do for me that she hasn’t already covered. I am very comfortable with the financial planning process. What I value the most is the end result which has always been positive.

Martin K


     Stephanie Piroli has been our family’s financial and insurance advisor for a number of years.  It is really refreshing to work with a financial advisor who is focused on our family’s needs and long term interests.  We are particularly impressed with her depth of knowledge, proactive thinking and professional and caring demeanor.  We really appreciate the work that Stephanie has done for us over the years.  We always recommend her services whenever possible.

Elena M.


     Priscilla Monteith isn’t just any Financial Advisor.  Oh sure, she has a wall full of qualifications and more charts and graphs and numbers about your investments and finances than you can imagine.  And she has decades of experience, first rate analytical ability and a really keen understanding of how all that financial stuff really works.


     But what’s really important is that she looks at your situation in human terms and offers non-judgmental advice like a friend would, based on what you (and only you) really want to achieve.  She will suggest direction, but not make demands.  She is friendly, helpful, clever, funny and really will take care of you and not just your money.

Don D


     Through the years my husband and I had attended many Financial Advisor Seminars but had never felt comfortable to pursue their services. I was referred to Monteith Financial Group in 2003. I met with Priscilla Monteith, we discussed my financial requirements and preference of investments. Priscilla was very informative and personable and made recommendations which were implemented. Since then, I have been very pleased with the continued performance, regular follow-ups and continuing worthwhile financial recommendations. I have also enjoyed the pleasant and efficient assistance of Monteith Financial Group staff members.

Lillian H


     Stephanie has always conducted herself very professionally. And as always kept our most prized possession in her recommendations… OUR MONEY.. She always explains all options available, that allowed my wife and I to make informed decisions in our financial planning including our life insurance needs. Without sounding like a family member wrote this, we were recommended from a friend and are very happy with our results so far. We not only consider Stephanie our Financial Advisor but a friend.

Roy S


     My business relationship with Priscilla extends beyond 20 years, first as an accountant and later as my financial advisor. The financial plan she prepared for me, gave me the confidence to know I can live in the present, pursue my travel dreams and still feel secure about my financial future.

Linda K


     I appreciate the care and attention Stephanie takes to address our inquiries. This gives us the confidence that Stephanie has really put our interests first. She cares how well we plan our future and wants to help us achieve our goals. There is never any pressure to make decisions based on her recommendations and she always offers options. I am very happy with the service I get when working with Stephanie. She makes things simple to understand and helps to make financial planning easy for me.

Betty Y


     Stephanie has been extremely helpful in helping me invest money for my retirement. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the services that she endorses. She really keeps on top of things.

Cindy C


     I have worked with other advisors. It is easy to find an advisor... but not easy to find an advisor that is driven by what’s best for me.

     The financial plan and cash flow analysis they prepared for me was a huge help to me. Priscilla motivated me to make changes and many times throughout the planning process, I challenged her advice but ultimately found her recommendations were made as a result of a deep understanding of my needs and with my best interests at heart.

     Priscilla’s tax and accounting background is unique; she has structured my investments in a way to minimize my taxes and still provide me with the cash flow that I need…she knows what she’s talking about.

Tom G


     Stephanie has been a great pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and meticulous regarding the various financial products available. I feel very comfortable discussing my personal finances with her and would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone.

Manisha K


     I have been working with Monteith Financial Group since 2008 when I immigrated to Canada. Priscilla was of tremendous assistance to me with respect to my cash flow planning and understanding the Canadian tax system. She has given me clarity with respect to my estate planning and has reduced my anxiety concerning my finances. I am happy to recommend the Monteith Financial Group Team.

Sheila H


     …great gift you have, putting folks at ease and being able to help put their hopes, fears and trust in you. …so fortunate to have you as a friend and advisor and helping us put some of these plans in place…

Edith J


     Stephanie is a highly organized and an extremely personable financial advisor. We have felt secure with the choices and options provided by Stephanie and have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Nanda H


     With Monteith Financial Group, we were able to plan our cash flow in a tax efficient way …and now have confidence to move forward with our retirement goals.

Brian S


     As my financial advisor, I am deeply appreciative of the superior service that you have provided to me over the past twenty years. During these recent troubling times, it can be a senior’s challenge to have Peace of Mind about one’s financial affairs…and, you really deliver that total POM. Thanks for keeping my financial planning strategies simple, timely and informative. A real Pro!

Harvey M


     We have been working with Priscilla Monteith and Monteith Financial Group for the past 14 years. Priscilla prepared a financial plan for us and each year we review how we are doing relative to the plan. As a result, we feel confident about our financial future and we trust the advice that she gives us.

Hilary & Bob W


     We trust Monteith Financial Group and have faith in their planning process, from the generation of a written financial plan to the asset allocation model of fund selection. Finally we have found a Financial Advisor who has not only created and thoroughly explained a game plan tailored to our specific needs, but has also committed to updating and revising the plan in response to changes in our personal and financial circumstances. Only since we retained Monteith Financial have we felt confident that our investment decisions are based on truly informed choices.

Jim & Lee B


     Without the valuable guidance and support provided by Priscilla Monteith and her team, I would not have been able to survive the economic volatility experienced over the past couple of decades – especially the turmoil of the past seven years. With retirement so close, it made me feel very vulnerable – as if I were riding a roller coaster – however, Priscilla’s insightful planning and compassionate support kept me on track. She helped me avoid making hasty decisions that I would have greatly regretted. This attention to my personal situation and needs, as well as taking the time to clearly explain market investment trends and opportunities helped me to see the ‘Big Picture’ and make the best of the situation. Thanks for helping me ride that roller coaster to reach my goals and enjoy my retirement – and for demonstrating how much you truly care about your clients.

Maureen T-D


     I have worked with Priscilla Monteith for 25 years, initially as my family’s Accountant and then as my Financial Advisor for the past 15 years.

     I feel I can come to her about anything. She is always easily approachable and she makes complicated things seem clear & simple.

Elizabeth M


     We feel comfortable that we have done all that we could possibly do to plan for our estate to be distributed in accordance with our wishes and with a minimum of probate fees. With the tax and planning advice that we have received over the years, we feel that we have the income we have today because of the tax and planning advice that we have received and acted upon over the years.

Bill & Ruth A


     I have been working with Priscilla Monteith and the Monteith Financial Group Team since July 2010. Priscilla prepared for me a personal financial plan which enabled me to really understand my cash flow needs. I am very pleased with the service and I feel very comfortable contacting Priscilla whenever I have a question. Money is no longer a worry for me.

Marjorie C


     Priscilla has been a trusted advisor and friend for many years. Her guidance has been instrumental in allowing me to have the type of personal freedom that I enjoy today and the peace of mind that comes with having a solid financial plan that extends out many years.

Dave M


     Stephanie helped us to assess our situation. Her recommendations were tailored to us and our needs. She identifies where you are at and works with what you have. She provides information that we wouldn’t otherwise get.

     We were pleasantly surprised at the diversity of information offered and like how everything is all in one place. Stephanie helps us prepare for the long term through financial planning exercises. We always feel so much better about our financial situation when we leave our appointment with Stephanie.

     Working with Stephanie and the Monteith team we feel that everything is simplified for us, that we are on track, and on the right path to achieving our goals.

Stacey & Shawn P


     I have found working with Stephanie to be very helpful and enjoyable. She motivates me to do financial planning, which I wouldn’t otherwise be doing. I appreciate the intelligent advice she provides and the time she spends on our situation.

     I originally thought the advisor just invests your money, makes a few switches over time and then never really hear from them again. The opposite is true with my client relationship with Stephanie. I did not expect a full financial plan complete with a detailed analysis and advice for our future, but I really appreciate it. She continues to monitor our investments and provide consistent advice on where to invest. Most importantly though, she is always helping us and encouraging us to plan ahead for our future.

Robert W


     My wife and I were looking for a holistic Financial Advisor, someone who would go beyond just recommending a product, and would help us understand our overall situation and help get us on the right track. Priscilla was recommended to us by an associate, and we are very glad we chose to meet with her. Priscilla took the time to help us understand our financial situation and helped us to put a plan in place for a secure retirement. She took time to explain things and made sure we understood every aspect of our finances. We are very pleased that we chose to meet with Priscilla. She is highly professional and really cares.

Steven M


     We have been working with the Monteith team since 1983. Priscilla Monteith handled our taxes and investments for many years and in 2008 Stephanie Piroli stepped in to carry on handling our financial planning needs. We have developed a wonderful long term relationship with Priscilla, Stephanie, Brenda (one of their assistants) and the rest of the office staff over the years. They have our trust. We know they care about us, not just our finances. In fact, their top notch service and sincere care for us is the reason we continue to drive from St. Catharines every year to see them.

     We have felt very comfortable with the investments made for us. Stephanie understands our situation and what we need. She takes the time to explain and if she senses we may not be following, she backs up and takes the time to explain in terms we do understand. We never feel rushed and she makes us feel at ease. There is no pressure; just sincere, reliable and trustworthy advice that we appreciate.

     We were most pleased when Stephanie brought up estate planning a few years ago and encouraged us to ensure our wills and power of attorney documents were in order as part of her financial planning process. We feel secure that if something happens to either one of us, Stephanie and the Monteith Financial team will be there to guide us as usual. We have peace of mind.

Jim & Lynn A


     I’m very happy with Monteith Financial Group’s service and the results of Priscilla’s portfolio management. I need someone who understands this stuff, and Priscilla really does. I know that I can call her at any time if I have a question or concern.

Rose Marie J


    The staff is always helpful, excellent service. They really pay attention to detail. They provide strategies that we understand that will help us reach our goals. They provide advice that is geared towards tax reduction. Financial planning is very helpful to allow us to see the financial impact of the decisions that we make now, and the impact on our future finances.

David & Helen H


    We have confidence in our future financial situation because of the plan Priscilla has done for us. We don't have the time to research investment options or changes. Priscilla also assists us in staying ahead of tax strategies. Due to Priscilla's knowledge and expertise, we are now more disciplined and accountable to remain on tack with our current financial plan, and our future plan for an early retirement.

Robert & Jennifer A


     Stephanie has worked with our parents for many years. She and her team went into action for us right away when our mother passed away unexpectedly - even visiting us shortly afterwards in our Father’s home.

     We had to jump in to take care of our Father, who requires extra care and support, and we quickly found that managing his finances would be far more complicated than our own. We are grateful to have Stephanie’s guidance, and trust that she has our family’s best interests at heart. She provides a professional experience and is knowledgeable. She is flexible with her schedule - consistently meeting our needs by making time for us outside regular business hours. We can see that she works hard, and provides service above what we expected.

     We are impressed with her degree of tax planning and how it ties in to the product knowledge and suitability. She sought out the right products in the marketplace for our Dad’s financial situation, and she always takes the time to know and understand his needs.

     Stephanie always takes the time to show and explain her analyses, and backs up her suggestions for future planning with hard numbers. She has shown us very detailed cash flow and tax plans, and how these create a tax efficient income for our father. This makes us confident that we are ensuring there will be enough money to provide for our father’s future living expenses, while knowing there is flexibility in the plans should the unexpected come up.

Kathleen & Scott B


   I was referred by friends who indicated that their advisor was very canny. I have been very happy with the result. My husband and I had never previously used a financial advisor and I now realize we could have done better had we done so sooner. Priscilla has improved the management of my taxes and reduced my OAS clawback by restructuring my investments. I am happy with the fee transparency. My questions are always answered. I feel confident with my investments and I trust my advisor.

Pat W.


   We have been working with Priscilla Monteith for the past 20 years. She is trustworthy and makes good recommendations that we have relied on to get us where we are today. We would not have the retirement assets that we have now, if not for that ongoing direction that she has provided to us. She has simplified our financial life and minimized our income tax burden. She assisted us with our estate planning and worked with us to get our wills updated. We now have confidence that our estate plans accurately reflect our wishes and minimize estate administration costs. She recommended we establish and contribute to an RESP for our grandchildren annually. Our grandchildren have benefited from a fully paid for post secondary education as a result of this planning. Our grandchildren have really appreciated this support.

William & Ruth A.

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