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Our Story

Winston Churchill was once quoted as saying

“It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.”

The Story of Monteith Financial Group

Our motto is “Plan to Succeed.” We want you to visualize success in reaching your financial goals.  We can help!  We work with you to establish your goals and help you understand the financial decisions that you make.

Monteith Financial Group is owned by Priscilla Monteith and Stephanie Piroli. We are Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA).

Priscilla’s Story

In 1996, Priscilla co- owned Monteith & Monteith, Certified General Accountants, with her husband and partner Bill.

“We served the accounting and tax needs of entrepreneurs, professionals, and their families. When working with clients, I frequently saw large gaps between a client’s financial goals and the investments they had acquired to meet those goals. There was a need to assist clients in identifying their goals and objectives and to map out a strategy to meet those goals.  Clients also requested ongoing guidance to ensure that they stayed on track with planning.  My desire to meet clients planning needs led me to obtain my Certified Financial Planner designation.  

Stephanie’s Story

In 2005, Stephanie was working as an accountant in the investment industry. During that year, Stephanie experienced some devastating personal losses.   Her mother suffered a stroke, and her father passed away from multiple myeloma. Stephanie’s mother newly widowed asked a financial planner from Manulife to assist her with guidance on her investments, insurance, and planning her future income needs.

“Seeing this financial planner in action during a time of great need was very inspiring.  Deborah provided the guidance, advice, and personal support that my mother needed.  She took the time to lay out and explain her options.  She ensured my mother would be okay.  That gave my mother, brother and I, peace of mind.  This experience confirmed what I knew I always wanted to be – a Financial Planner.  I wanted to be that person who provided the expertise, direction, and personal support clients need in dealing with and preparing for their financial future.”

Our Story

We met in 2006 and quickly discovered that we shared the vision of helping our clients meet their financial goals through planning. 

Together, with our accomplished office, we help clients every day to make informed and sound decisions to meet their unique financial goals.

Plan With Us

Yes….it is difficult to look further than you can see, but we have the tools, experience and passion to not only bring your financial goals into clear focus, but to develop and implement strategies that will allow you to achieve them.


Winston Churchill once said, “It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.”  And Mr. Churchill was right.  But while difficult it is not impossible. 

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